online slot games in 2020

The most played online slot games in 2020


All popular slot pragmatic games and other slot titles are listed as the best for the year. See the slot games that are among the most preferred ones in the 2020 year up to now.

According to a research online slots are right now more preferred than the offline slot machines. Numerous studies in the field of casino activity have concluded that the Covid-19 pandemic situation has even increased the growth of this tendency. Hence, what’s still unknown is which the most played slot games are these days.

Although 2020 is not over, we can yet make a preliminary review of the most preferred online slot games of the year. Here’s the list with the slot games that might become the favorites for the players active round the whole 2020th year:

  1. All slot pragmatic games are at the top of the charts. Pragmatic is a well-known software developer studio that has achieved an amazing popularity recently. Their games come with wonderful design and a big variety of features – engaging gameplay, different numbers of the reels in the games, surprising bonuses, including bonus levels and interesting combinations of symbols.
  2. 3D slots. The new generation of the casino lovers is keen in the latest technologies. These players are fascinated by visual effects, while earning money. The players of the new generation are, by the way, getting quite attracted by the virtual reality slot games, too. Hence, these casino products have been still at their early development stage, but we definitely expect them to get on the edge of the charges, too.
  3. Slot games with progressive jackpots. Although there’s a trend across the pros in the field of slot machines for a recommendation to play slots with smaller prizes rather than those with big potential income, gamblers have been still more in love with the huge jackpots. And the largest jackpots are definitely in the progressive slot games. Some experts claim that about 34% of the active slot players have never played slot games with small jackpots.
  4. Adventure slot games. As to the genre of the slot game, the adventure style has been still on the top of the chart. It’s a trend we have been seen for ages. Despite the large abundance of other cool themes and topics, players are still more attracted by the adventure style. Indeed, we would agree that when you are immersed into a terrific trip of noble guys with swords it’s more intriguing to earn coins, collect scatters and be happy for any new bonus level given by the game.

These amazing types of slot games are by all means the most preferred options for a play. However, we are sure there are many gamblers who are commonly active in other types of slot games. It’s completely normal and logical. After all, the world of slot games is so big that every individual player can find something interesting for his or her own taste. What about you? What’s your most preferred slot game type ever?

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