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Some weird things we believe about slots, but are not true at all


Stop believing in these false things about slot cq9. Check out some of the worst misconceptions about slot games.

We believe in many things without having real and adequate explanations about them. Like God, destiny and all similar abstract things. However, slot games are not abstract, but real things. They are played with real money. And they can bring you real cash. They can really make you rich if you know how to play them.

Rule number one in an adequate slot machine style is first of all to know what’s real and what a myth is. And in the sphere we know many misconceptions. It’s essential to stay away from them. It’s significant to keep your profitable and successful slot cq9 activity not being influenced by these myths. Or at least, keep yourself away from the following 6 weird statements many people believe about slot machines, but are not real at all.

  1. The speed of the spin is a something that affects your potential chance for a win. Nothing like that. The speed cannot be controlled. It also has nothing to do with key factors such as RTP and slot volatility that are both the factors for a win.
  2. If you are an experienced punter in sport betting world you will become a great slot machine player. Usually, people claim so because they believe that the sport betting system works when you want to win in slot game experience. However, it doesn’t. Hence, we are confident when claiming that the more gambling experience you have, the better for your future no matter what game you prefer to play.
  3. The newer the casino is, the more wins we see in the section with slot games. Probably, the news say so. However, it’s a matter of PR. Basically, the newest casinos will be indeed more discussed in the press and the social medias. On the other side, the digital slot machines cannot be programmed to offer more jackpots in the beginning of their existence anyhow.
  4. When you spend more money on a slot machine it will pay you back. But we know lots of cases when a single spin took people to the biggest record-breaking progressive jackpots. So, no, there’s no such a correlation.
  5. The slot machines that are made in the internet are programed with algorithm which works in the sake of the company’s final world. In other words, some gamblers are sure that in the end you will lose due to this algorithm. But the algorithm is actually made by the slot game provider, which is not a casino company at all.
  6. Bonus levels are put to defeat your progress. The bonuses implemented inside the slot games are also made by the casino software providers. These bonus levels are indeed sometimes hard to be played. However, there’s no evidence that they on mandatory put you a step behind from the progress you have made up to now.

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