traditional poker cheater

The profile of the traditional poker cheater


Here’s how to stay away from the cheaters in pokerlounge99. Find out how to recognize a real poker cheater on your poker table or the tournament you are attending.

In 80% of the cases it’s the online casino that suffers when a player cheats in poker. Though, as a player in a reputable pokerlounge99 website you shouldn’t underestimate this type of a gambler.

First of all, these 20% of the poker players represent a giant mass of gamblers who can go after you. And they will if they realize you don’t know how the poker cheater works. On the other side, those who tend to cheat the casino will tend to make cheats to the punters, too.

In short, it’s a must for all of you to know the most common signs of the traditional poker cheater profile. See how to recognize this type of a player:

  1. The poker cheater tends to spend more time in the website. We don’t talk about the traditional set of up to 3-4 hours. We mean that this is a person, who usually even forgets to log out the system.
  2. The poker cheating strategy is almost never changed. What we mean is that this player will not make a difference in his style even if the action is out of any logical explanation. The cheater sticks to his dirty approach and will not give it away for anything. It’s because he knows that it works or will soon work.
  3. If the player makes up to 5 strange wins at the table for the last one hour, it’s highly possible for him to be a common cheater. Don’t get it wrong. Some wins are indeed strange and weird. However, if the coincidences get too many, look attentively at this player’s actions.
  4. There’s highly possibility for the cheater to constantly communicate with another player in the chat box within the poker system. It’s not a double cheat. It’s even worse. Here, we are talking about a very serious cheat case. When two cheating players have a shared strategy to play unfairly, catching it gets more difficult.
  5. The cheater doesn’t call and raise all the time. So don’t mistake the all-in players with cheaters. However, if you see that a player bluffs all the way long without making an attempt to compensate the losses, it means he’s cheating. Or he’s very rich and tries to learn the art of bluffing right now.

These signs will lead you to the conclusion that you might be at the same table with a real cheater. However, be always attentive – even if you don’t see any of them in someone’s strange behavior in a poker game. Today’s poker players, including the cheaters, have become more and clever. The cheaters improve their skills on a regular basis.

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