What Are the Best Books for the Blackjack?


What is in the book beat the Dealer: A Winning Strategy for the Game of Twenty – By Edward O. Thorp?

The author Edward O. Thorp is the New York Times Bestseller and is the best mathematician, and has knowledge about the probability. He is also known as the father of card counting where in the book he has stated about the revolutionary point system which has been adopted by many experienced players and this system has helped many of the players to win the game of Blackjack. The casino because of this book is in the loss.

What does the book Black belt in Blackjack by Arnold Snyder contain?

Some people consider it as a Bible in the world of gambling as it helps a lot to the beginner to win the betting in the game of Blackjack and they can have a pay out of about more than millions of dollars in their hand. There are some of the best tricks and tips are written in the book to follow in order to win the betting game shuffle tracking, team play, techniques of multiple deck camouflage and various strategies of the betting for the beginners who have just started playing the game.

What is the book Blackjack and the Law by I. Nelson Rose and Robert A. Loeb about?

The authors I. Nelson Rose and Robert A. Loeb has written the laws in their book in order to save the civil rights of the casino players in playing the game freely and are allowed to lose the casino. The casino itself consists of the computers to calculate the strategy of some skillful players and identify them because the game Blackjack can be won by some beginners who have practiced a lot in the card – counting and read a lot about the global banking game.

What is inside the book Blackjack: A Winner’s Handbook by the author Jerry L. Patterson?

The author Jerry L. Patterson himself is a expert in the world of gambling and this book is a revised edition of his previous guidebook on Blackjack. The book is all about the strategies that lead to winning the game and is a guide to all the players whether they are a beginner or an expert. It tells about the winning edge and makes you sharp in the practice of card counting, easy to memorize options.

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