Staying at a Casino Hotel

Things to Know When Staying at a Casino Hotel


When staying at a casino hotel, things to know include tipping etiquette, security policies, and drinking and gambling age

Whether this is your first trip overseas or are a frequent traveler, staying at a casino hotel can be a good choice. Attached to or operated by casino resorts, hotels offer a wide choice of entertainment options, central locations, and affordable rates. There are some things that you should know while planning your trip, however, so that you enjoy a comfortable and memorable stay.


Whether you are expected to tip depends on your destination of choice. Countries where you don’t have to tip are, for example, Denmark, Belgium, Australia, and Finland. In such countries, all service charges are included in the price. In the U.S., however, casino personnel are often paid minimum wage, including housekeeping staff, hotel valets, cocktail waitresses, and dealers. Many of them rely on tips to make a living.


Because casinos want to keep their gambling licenses, many hotels not only hire security guards but also have a police presence. This helps ensure that guests are protected against fraud and abusive practices. You will also find cameras installed in all premises to guarantee guest safety. This also means that it is important to keep your behavior, whether partying or betting, in check.


Casinos feature a wide choice of gaming options to ensure that guests are coming back. Whatever games you like to play, poker, agen dominoqq, baccarat, or keno, there is something for everyone. Major casinos offer the option to play both onsite and via their mobile apps and platforms. Many casino resorts also operate as entertainment complexes and feature a range of upscale restaurants and trendy bars, onsite swimming pools, water parks, and theatres.

Drinking and Gambling Age

What the legal drinking and gambling age is depends on the country you plan on visiting. Make sure you check on this so that you don’t get yourself in trouble. In the UK and Australia, you must be 18 while in Canada, the legal age for drinking and gambling is 19. Obviously, you can stay at the hotel and enjoy other amenities such as water parks and pools, but you will not be allowed to play at the casino or party and drink. If you are travelling with underage children, they will not be allowed in clubs and at the casino premises.

Free Rooms and Upgrades

If you are a high stake player and are usually spending a lot, then you can expect to get a free room or room upgrade. At many resorts, the best rooms and suites are set aside for premium customers. In fact, many hotels feature affordable rates and discounted rooms and this is because they expect to make back the money. After all, guests are here for the betting and gambling fun. Resorts even offer free rooms to lure customers in.

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